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Slow Down


Slow down,
let it flow.
Feel more,
let it go.
Sometimes the hurry
leads to a flurry
of neurotic tendencies,
at productivity lost.
When you slow down,
you see more,
you hear more,
you are present.
When you know
why you’re doing
what you’re doing,
it informs the how.
Slow down
and be purposeful.
Time doesn’t matter
when you’re living
from your essence.

Did You Know?


The magic is here.
Open your eyes.
Can you see it?
Heavenly fragrance everywhere.
Inhale deeply.
Can you smell it?
The music is being played.
Can you hear it?
The rhythm is flowing.
Let your body move.
Can you feel it?
The sweet water cascades upon you.
Open your mouth.
Can you taste it?
You are alive.
Did you know it?



for all of the blessings
that are continuously pouring
into my life, and
for giving me
the EYES to SEE them
the EARS to HEAR them
the TONGUE to TASTE them
the NOSE to SMELL them
the HANDS to TOUCH them
the VOICE to SPEAK them
the HEART to LOVE them
and the LIFE to LIVE them!

NaPoWriMo Day 11: Le Mélézin


I come back to this place again and again
in my dreams, the dreams I hold in my heart.
Green grass mown by munching goats and sheep
their bells sounding a right racket as they amble along
tracks they’ve worn into the mountain meadow.
I look up and see a crystalline blue sky.
I look out from where I’m sitting and see
more mountains than I can count and the city
where I left my heart nestled in the valley below.
I take off my shoes and dip my toes into the ice cold water
of the stream that has gathered momentum
from its origins in the valley behind me.
A bit of emmental cheese, a bit of dark chocolate,
a hunk of baguette, a sip of water
and now my hands are drumming this drum
I lugged with me from the valley below.
The breath of summer and the scent of wildflowers
caress my soul as the wind whispers through the conifers.
I have endured such heartbreak.

Objects of Meditation


The senses can be used
as objects of meditation,
and thus we open even more doorways
back home to the present moment.
Allow what you see
into the field of your awareness.
Watch yourself having an opinion
about what you see,
say to yourself, “Thinking, thinking,”
and get back to seeing
what is actually there.
If sound is the object of meditation,
listen without judgment or opinion.
Breathe, relax,
notice your thinking
and get back to hearing
what is actually there.
It is the same with the sense of taste,
the sense of touch
and even the sense of smell.
You’re training in being present
and it will happen bit by bit.
Relax, be friendly
with this mind that wanders away.
This compassion, this friendliness
that you offer to yourself–
this is a healing balm.
Take it up in both hands
and apply it where it’s needed most.

A Gift to the Whole World


As you step into this moment
can you observe it with all of your faculties?

Can you notice tiny details,
can you see the big picture?

The senses are powerful gateways
that help transport you back to this moment
if your mind has wandered into the illusion of the past
or the fantasy of the future.

Notice the temperature of the air around your skin.
Is there a particular taste in your mouth?
Does your nose detect a certain scent in the air?
What sound vibrations are reaching your ears?
What do you see right now?

Once you’ve called yourself back to this moment
through the gateways of the senses,
can you go a little deeper into your self?

Sit in stillness,
close your eyes,
turn inwards,

What is the mind saying now?
As you watch your thoughts,
can you notice a space between each one,
however tiny it might be?

Our practice teaches us
how to detect the most subtle
changes in our bodyminds.

Are you ready for such clarity?
Summon your courage
and awaken in this moment.
Come home.
Remember who you really are.

You are not just this body
or this mind.
You are infinite awareness,
a gift beyond measure,
a gift to the whole world.