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Keep It Simple


Keep it simple.
Complexity introduces volatility
which becomes chaos.
Keep it simple.
Even if your brain seeks excitement
and believes life is boring without it.
Keep it simple.
Life doesn’t have to be struggle;
just to be here, breathing and aware
is enough.
Keep it simple.
The most elegant things in life
are right here where you are, now,
but you’ll miss them if you’re focusing
on some other time, some other place,
some other moment.
Do you want peace?
Do you want joy?
Do you want love?
Do you want fulfillment?
Keep it simple, my friends, keep it simple.

Looking Into the Heart


Look inside your own heart.
All of the books
all of the teachers
all of the experiences
prepare us for the simple moment
of looking fearlessly inwards
and finding the core of goodness
that has always lived there.
Do you want to awaken?
Look no further than
the events of your life.
Search for where you get stuck,
what provokes you to anger
what makes you afraid.
Look at what you want
and at what you don’t want.
Measure the difference
between how you act
when you are being watched
and the choices you make
when you think no one is looking.
Right now, in your possession,
is everything you need to awaken.
Sit, close your eyes.
Look into your heart.
The awakened one lives there.