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Who Needs Permission?


Be especially suspicious
of that voice in your head
that says,
“No, don’t!”
any time you try something new,
or any time you keep trying to do the thing
you are learning how to do.

That voice is the shadow self
who wants to keep you safe
in the realm of the familiar,
that old prison.

Expanding into your most radiant self
is a direct act of disloyalty
to the unconscious beliefs you inherited
by your ancestors, your family, this society.

Be a rebel my friend!
To the voice of doubt say,

Pick up your pen and write.
Grab your paintbrush, and paint.
Sharpen your pencil, and draw.
Open your mouth, and sing.
Cast some yarn onto your knitting needles, and knit!
Reach for your instrument, and play.
Feel the aliveness in your body, and dance.
Wear your finest clothes for no reason at all
and eat your simple meal on your best dishes,
because you are the elegant company you’ve been waiting for.

We aren’t asking for permission
to become our greatest selves–
and that permission will never be granted anyway.

We stake our claim,
stand up and say,

With such conviction
who needs permission?