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Gratitude: Day 9 of 48

Spirit in voice…

I listened to the voice within

Urging me to sing and play for my students

I was resistant but I pushed through

Now every time I sing

I feel that I am the one receiving

I no longer know who is offering …

A presence of peace and love

Moves through my voice

And I am blessed and honored by this act of giving.

I’ll keep singing.

Keep Singing


The voice clearly said
Bring your guitar and sing them the song.
And she shook her head, thinking, No way.
But the voice repeated
Bring your guitar, and sing them the song.
They went back and forth a few more times,
until she acquiesced.
She brought her guitar, she sang them the song.
And then silence…
So she asked the voice
Why would you have me sing
if they didn’t even acknowledge the song?

And the voice said,
It’s not about them, darling,
It’s about how you relate to yourself
when you step outside your box
and let your voice be heard.
Now, keep singing.

Trusting Myself


So many choices in each moment.
What to create?
Is it time to rest?
To eat?
To sing?
To dance?
To sew?
I choose to sing.
I record my voice and listen.
I like the way it sounds,
so I keep going.
I’m learning something
about creativity and pleasure,
trusting myself in the process.

Keep Singing


When he talks
it is so often about
chem trails
one worlders
electromagnetic pulses
the collapse of the monetary system
corrupt politicians
and greedy big pharma…
I listen, because there aren’t many who will…
but I feel myself growing heavy and depressed,
thinking about all that is wrong with the world,
all that is dark and evil and unjust.
But then we pick up our guitars…
We sing about
wild dreams
the bayou
steam engines
and happiness…
and I feel light, I have fun.
I can see he is having fun too,
he is smiling.
It’s clear to me, then,
what we should do:
We should keep singing.