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Just Sit Down


These hands have done a lot of work today.
Carrying children,
assisting students in yoga postures,

The skin of these hands is irritated
from too much hand washing.
I want to help it somehow.
But it won’t be through lotions or potions
for tired, working hands
that I’ll remember my true self.

The greatest help I can offer is
the stillness and silence I find
When I just sit down.

Sit at Night


When the last shred of energy is gone
and it’s time to surrender to the relief of sleep
Let the mind empty itself
and make space,
become buoyant,
as a ship that crossed the sea
with heavy cargo
and has reached the other side
finds itself suddenly empty and light.

Sit at night.
Let the cares of the day slip away.
Make space.
Make space for the new day to come.

Expand Into the Infinite Awareness of Now


You don’t have to wait.
Just do it.
It begins with the idea
then a breath
then a step
Breathe your arms up
then bow to the earth
Inhale to look ahead
and exhale to ground down
Stay put then
Just breathe
Feel the blood flowing into your face and head
Head below heart
Hands and feet on the ground,
rooted, focused
Look forward now,
step your feet to your hands
Inhale to look forward,
your spine long, strong and proud
Exhale to bow to the earth,
Then inhale a big life-giving breath
as you reach for the sky,
Just move.
Don’t think.
Just move.
And now that your body is awake
senses awake,
mind awake,
whole being energized,
now sit.
Don’t move,
just sit.
And expand into the infinite awareness of NOW.