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I Came Close


I spent the day in deep listening,
laid heart and soul bare
before daring wayfarers
who walk this path with me.
I danced with the trees,
looked up to the sun
reached out to the water
felt down to the earth
breathed in the wind
and out my fears.
I transformed from closed and scared
to fluid and light body
loving song through the forest
at top of lungs fearlessly.
To whomever says heaven
isn’t on earth:
I have something to share…
Today I came close.

NaPoWriMo Day 14: San San


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.53.01 PM.png

Another challenging prompt today…and it’s late, and I’m halfway considering reverting to my default free-verse poem of the day, but willpower is the mother of all virtues, and methinks I will help build some more of it by JUST DOING THIS.

San San rhyme scheme:  a-b-c-a-b-d-c-d
General idea…use three images and repeat them three times each within an eight line poem sticking to the rhyme scheme. A bit complicated, perhaps–especially to my tired mind.  But I must start somewhere, decide on three images…hmm. How about some things I love?

1)achingly beautiful peaks
2)clear blue sky
3)wide open heart

Okay, here goes:

Alone I stand looking out upon achingly beautiful peaks
partnering gently, completely with the clear blue sky–
reminding me of the vastness of my wide open heart.
This sky blue dress the great mother wears stirs as she speaks
her wind-language. My aching heart opens wings to fly  
across the beautiful peaks. The sun bends down to kiss
the clearest of blue skies, while thought curtains part
revealing the peaks of this wide, open-hearted bliss.

image credit: https://lephylis.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/montagne01.jpg

NaPoWriMo Day 7: Tritina


The world seems sad and heavy as I breathe
with darkness and rain pouring from the sky.
the cold air tightens its fist around my heart.

Pale sun peering through the clouds in my heart.
I sit a little taller and again remember to breathe.
I wonder how long before I taste the clear blue sky.

Birds take flight, swirling, spiraling in the cloudy sky.
Something inside me breaks and opens my heart.
Ah yes, the lightness returns, now I can truly breathe.

I sit and breathe into the pure blue sky of my heart.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt invited us to write a tritina.  At first I was like, “No way.  Too complicated.”  Then I was like, “Well, maybe I can give it a try.”  Then I was all, “Why did I get myself into this?”  And finally…I wrote the damn tritina.  It’s nice to not have any attachment to results, to just focus on the process.  In the end it was a good exercise.  With all my free-verse poem writing, it’s nice to attempt something that requires a little more planning and discipline.

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 2: Except Infinity


They are the reason
I love the desert at night,
why I long to be free
of the city’s blaring lights.

They comfort me
in the most mysterious way;
My longing to see them
haunts me by day.

The closest one to us
gives us all life,
though we often forget it
absorbed in our strife.

Kind eyes peer
through the midnight sky,
offer warmest regards
and never ask, “Why?”

They hold the memory
of the ancestral dance
and their beautiful movement
invites me to chance
A daring belief that between the stars and me
there is nothing at all
except infinity.


Yeah, so, I’m not a rhymer, but for some reason I thought I’d goof around a bit tonight. It’s helpful to not take myself too seriously…some pretty wonderful things happen when relaxation takes the place of rigid expectation.  May all beings know happiness.

At Home in the Mountains


Earlier this week my family and I hiked a trail through Albion basin, up to Cecret Lake. This photo doesn’t nearly capture the amazing wildflowers that were in bloom everywhere.  I wish I could send you the smell of the Alpine forest and the feel of the wind.

Albion Wildflowers

Today we took a tram up from Snowbird to an altitude of 11,000 feet.  Not as many trees, but there were lots of wildflowers, beautiful clouds, open sky, incredible vistas.

Mountain Horses

Whenever I’m up in the mountains, a peace comes over me, and a joy.

Mountain Horses 2

Maybe the combination of the resins from the trees, the scent of the earth, and the wildflowers is aromatherapeutic.

Sky Mountains Flowers

Maybe the wind reminds me to breathe…and the cool air revitalizes my senses.


But I don’t really need to understand why.  There are no words to describe this feeling of being at home when I’m so close to the sky and can see for many miles.  Every time I leave the majestic peaks, I count the seconds until I can get back again.  I hope the mountains will call me back home to them soon.


A Recipe for Happiness

Start with sunshine
and vibrant wildflowers.
Pour in generous quantities of blue sky.
Add plenty of Earth.
Garnish with Rocks.
Serve on a bed of trees
and drizzle on top a touch of wind scented with nature’s finest perfume.
Season with your appreciation,
say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Sit down at Nature’s banquet table,
Sip delicately the broth of heaven.
It only takes a little sip.
Smile broadly, jump up, and dance for joy!



More Pink Kitty

More Pink Kitty

My daughter wasn’t in the napping mood today.  She wanted to dance around and play dress up and sing and do all the things four year olds do. Ah well, might as well enjoy it, I thought to myself, she won’t be young forever.

I had had so much fun last night collaborating with the girl, playing around with a coloring app for kids, so I decided to relaunch the app; I asked her if she wanted to color with me again, and she enthusiastically agreed.

What strikes me as we go about coloring these pictures together is how different her ideas are from mine.  I end up with my set way of seeing the world–the grass needs to be green, the sky blue, and a cat should be brown, white, black, grey, or orange…My daughter sees the world with fresh eyes and has strong opinions about the color everything should be.

No, the kitty is PINK!” she announced.

“Okay,” I said, and I colored the cat’s face, hands, and feet pink.

No,” she said, “The dress too!”  It was a polka dotted dress, so I colored the background pink and was going to leave the dots white.

“NO, no no!” she persisted, “The polka dots too!”  And there went my ideas of interesting color contrast and careful distribution of color to achieve balance in the over all look.  The cat had to be all pink.

I ended up really loving the drawing.   Her ideas continually freshen the art experience for me by getting me out of my ingrained perceptions and showing me a new way of seeing.  I play outside of my strict rules for conduct, I get to be free for a moment.  It reminds me of how when I sit down to meditate I need to quiet the mental chatter enough to allow for something different–a clearer, more quiet mental space, so that I can have this experience of myself outside of all of the habitual thoughts.

If I do this coloring with my daughter with enough frequency, letting go of my mental constructs and embracing the moment with an open heart, I might just attain enlightenment.

So here it is, in all of its glory, yet another pink kitty. (Dig the balloon that had to be brown.)  May all beings–especially those who long to create–experience freedom and lightness.  Everyone needs a little pink kitty in their lives.

My daughter insisted that the cat had to be all pink.

My daughter insisted that the cat had to be all pink.