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Autumnal Thoughts


Autumn arrives,
bringing cool air, wind,
and the promise of change.
As the days grow shorter
and the nights longer,
as nature slows down
and prepares for winter,
could I slow down too?
Could I take time
to go inwards, reflect,
see where I’ve been
and decide where I’m going?
Could I look ahead at life to come,
and choose to believe in the possibility
that after this long, dark night,
Spirit has a beautiful spring planned,
just waiting for my awakening?

Could I Love Myself Still?


At home again today,
starting to feel better,
and I have the urge
to throw myself back into all of the things
that made me sick in the first place.
Didn’t I learn the last thousand times?
Could I slow down for one more day
and let my body recuperate?
Who is telling me I need to do all of these things?
Could I let the house become messy
and love myself still?
Could I let my life become messy
and love myself still?

Hello, From The Deep


I dove even deeper inside myself today.
The children were at school;
they’d be with their dad tonight,
and I had nowhere else to go.
I slowed down.
I wrote.
I listened to music.
I read.
I cried.
I weeded my flower garden,
took out the recycling,
I let go of what I no longer need
so that I can welcome what I really want
into my life.
I took a long hot bath.
I took a nap.
I heard him tell me
in the echo of my memory
You’re just a squatter;
you don’t own that house.
I snuggled in deeper under the covers
and I slept more.
Yes, at some point
I’ll have to figure myself and my life out.
At some point
I’ll most likely need to make some money
to support myself and my children
after all this time.
But it wasn’t today.
Today was for slowing down
and going deeper.
Hello, from the deep.

Return to the Truth


I realized it doesn’t always have to be
quick and dramatic…
sometimes it’s nice to take time.
My modern mind has been raised
on instant gratification
but my ancient heart
has its own rhythm.
All this time my mind
has clamored for attention
as if it’s the only one who matters here.
Meanwhile my heart waits
patiently as ever
trusting that the time will come
when I return to the truth of my being.

NaPoWriMo 2018, Day 27: The Star


Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 10.05.47 PM

Today’s prompt: take an image from the tarot deck and build your poem from there. I love trying something new.  And I’ve loved the tarot since I was in middle school.  Win-Win!


She nourishes the land and sea
with her naked essence;
her vulnerability renders her
impossibly beautiful.
She is so focused on her task
of sharing the life giving waters
She doesn’t hear the little bird
chirping in her ear.
If she could,
this is what it would be saying:
Slow down, dear,
take your time.
Give of yourself, yes,
but let it pour forth slowly.
There is no hurry
and this world may not be ready
for a flood.
You don’t have to try so hard;
you are already good.

Slow Down


Slow down,
let it flow.
Feel more,
let it go.
Sometimes the hurry
leads to a flurry
of neurotic tendencies,
at productivity lost.
When you slow down,
you see more,
you hear more,
you are present.
When you know
why you’re doing
what you’re doing,
it informs the how.
Slow down
and be purposeful.
Time doesn’t matter
when you’re living
from your essence.

I Breathed


This morning
as I sat in stillness and listened,
I received these instructions
from my Teachers:

Breathe in,
Welcome the moment as it is,
Breathe out,
release expectations.
When you can let go of your ideas 
of how things should be,
you have space in your mind
to enjoy them as they are.

So today I was reminding myself,
Breathing in, I accept this moment as it is.
Breathing out, I let go of expectations.

Breathing in, I welcome this moment with open arms
breathing out, I feel gratitude for what is

Breathing in, I feel love in this moment, exactly as it is,
breathing out, I express this love in my thoughts, words and deeds.

And you know what?
I remembered to breathe!
And you know what else?
It felt pretty darn good!

It helped me to relax
when I felt hurried to get out the door
and was on the verge of expressed irritability
because my kids were moving so slowly.

But I did not yell.

Instead I said aloud:

Breathing in, I welcome this moment as it is,
Breathing out, I let go of expectations.

I breathed.

They watched me breathe and were curious.
They heard me repeat the words and grew silent.
I slowed down, let my shoulders drop away from my ears.
They took a deep breath with me;
we all relaxed and enjoyed the drive
to meet my mom for lunch.

I might just go pat myself on the back now.