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Live Through It


Just when I thought I had found
some steady, even ground
I discover that I’ve fallen
into another abyss,
this one deeper than all the others.
There is no end to the sorrow,
no end to the feelings of inadequacy,
the belief that I wasn’t good enough
and this is why he left.
I try so hard to make myself believe
that this will get better.
I reach out to friends.
They say,
Sorry you’re going through this.
It doesn’t help.
I discover that no one can take this pain away.
I guess I just have to live through it somehow.

Every Mindful Breath


Let go of the myth
that we are separate
and somehow, maybe,
we might begin to experience
true connectedness.
Weaving its way through our hearts
we find a strumming, throbbing desire
to know peace, to know joy
to know love–
we all share in this desire,
and it connects us.
Dancing through our minds
is the wish to be free from suffering
to be free of worry
to be free of fear.
We all share in this wish,
and it connects us.
Our joys and sorrows bind us together.
Knowing this, give of your heart
any chance you can get.
Your intention to alleviate
the world’s suffering
will be reflected in the way
you open your eyes,
take a deep breath
and send lovingkindness
to everyone around you.
Wonder no longer
how you can save the world.
Every mindful breath
helps us all.