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Devastation Transformat‚Äčio‚Äčn


And then a friend sent me a link
to spiritual teacher Matt Kahn’s
video entitled The Pain of Loss,
and it rocked my world.
I thought of how I had been
trying to escape my pain,
seeing it as evidence of failure,
and here was someone saying
that our bigges mistake is
our attempt to bypass the pain
so that we can continue on our path.
Instead, if we can see that our pain IS the path,
if we can see that
our devastation leads to transformation,
we’ll join with the Divine as co-creators,
and live into our fullest destiny
as embodied masters.
What the what?
So it is in my enduring
that I come to know my greatest strength?
I can allow the Universe to
turn me upside down and shake me out
and I can emerge on the other side
more loving, compassionate and clearer
than ever before?
I’m going to go and digest this now.
Thanks for listening.

PS I would love to hear all about your stories of transformation following great loss and deep pain.  Have you learned how to see pain as a great teacher?  Have you learned to embrace painful experiences as opportunities for profound growth?  How long did your initiation take? How long did you stay in the crucible, allowing life to burn away what you no longer needed for the journey ahead? I welcome anything you’re willing to share. Knowing that I’m not alone in my profound suffering has helped me realize that I’m part of this big human family, and I’d like to think that somehow in the sharing of our stories we’re collectively helping the human race to grow and evolve.

This Life Right Now


Ordinary life is the path to awakening,
and don’t let your mind tell you anything different.
Don’t wait to make a trek across the Himalayas
in search of a cave-dwelling guru,
Don’t wait to have a steady yoga practice
or steady meditation practice
or a steady sangha
or a steady diet of organic, fresh, fair-trade, local,
ethically sourced, biodynamic, in-season food.
Don’t wait to be a better person–
if we all waited for that, no one would awaken.
Ordinary life,
this ordinary life right now,
this is the path to awakening.
All you have to do is walk.
Each step dissolves a part of the dream
until we are left with the reality
of our own magnificence.