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Everything Will Work Out


Just get through today,
my recovery friends tell me.
Just get through the next hour,
the next minute.
I ask myself what got me here,
wondering how I’ll make it through
one more minute.
It’s a soul contract,
my spiritual buddies tell me.
You accomplished
everything you were meant to
and now the relationship
has run its course.
You can let go now.
But how?
He’s gone,
and all I feel is the pain.
When did the pain start?
Surely before I married him.
I must’ve brought it with me
into the marriage,
and somehow, together,
we activated it
so that I could learn.
Can I thank him
for giving me a chance
to see and work through
my old pain?
Can I have faith
that Divine Love
brought me here
but won’t abandon me here?
Can I trust
that everything will work out?



Leaving on a journey of initiation.
I took a purifying bath
of lavender and epsom salts,
lit four candles,
called on four archangels
and prayed for guidance.
Let me die to who I was
so I can become
who I was born to be.
Let me surrender what I knew
to make space for what Spirit
wants me to know.
Let me look with the eyes of love.
Let my heart open wide
and my courage be expressed
for the highest good.
I go to sit in ceremony
with the Mother.
I ask her to take me into her arms,
shake from me the excess
and  reveal the tender sweetness
of raw, vulnerable being.
Pray for me.
I’ll see you on the other side.

Request for Your Input!


Hi friends, I’m thinking of writing an ebook and would like some help narrowing down my topic.  Could you tell me what your biggest question is regarding health, wellness, fitness, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and spirituality?  Please leave your question or any thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Deep breaths and trust,


NaPoWriMo Day 28: A Story in Reverse


Ah…just a few days of NaPoWriMo left, and then I’ll most likely go back to my free verse, whatever is on my mind daily poetry practice.  But for today, I’m going for the challenge of attempting to tell a story backwards, as suggested by today’s prompt.


She thanked everyone, put her hands together at her heart,
bowing, signed off, and closed her laptop.
They listened and laughed and shared some more:
their surprises, their inspirations, their challenges,
what moved them.
She shared her surprise at feeling tenderness
toward a challenging individual
as she visualized holding him in the warmth in her own heart.
They laughed and shared within the circle
of spiritual friendship, supported
by faith and the sincere desire for communion.
Closing her eyes, she listened to his voice
guiding her back to her heart,
diving in, being caught by a web of gratitude.
She was greeted with warmth and kindness
by those who were thousands of miles away.
She called in a few minutes before the meditation began.

Your Sunrise


It’s possible to know yourself so well
that you don’t have to think
the same old unconscious thoughts
It’s possible to cultivate
such a deep sense of curiosity
for this self that is you
that you no longer have to look outside
to find the thrills you were seeking.
Do you know what is truly thrilling?
Facing the old demons
and watching them disappear
to reveal the beautiful self
that was there all along.
It’s as if you had lived your whole life
in a place thick with cloud cover
and then one day the clouds are gone
and you finally see the sun.
What is this blinding brightness?
It is YOU, seeing yourself for the first time.
Just make a little time each day
to seek the light within;
It is there,
as surely as the sun is there
behind the clouds in the sky.
Find your light and let it shine.
The world waits for this sunrise,
the dawn of your self-realization.

Yet Another Journey


It’s so tempting to think
enlightenment is the goal,
the result of doing the work
walking the walk
becoming a better person,
but enlightenment
is just the beginning.
On the path of awakening
we realize how very little
we actually know
and our eyes,
and minds
all become a little more open,
a little more clear.
In this space,
the light has enough room
to shine through
and reveal to us
exactly where we need
to be working,
Right here,
in this moment
so mysterious
we realize
we cannot know
the unknowable.
This spacious not-knowing
lifts away the heavy darkness,
makes us light.
This kind of enlightenment
is the beginning
of yet another journey.