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The Truth Is


For so long the sense of urgency
has haunted me…
Gotta go there,
gotta do this,
gotta be someone,
I’m not good enough…yet—

gotta get better!
Then I can be loved,

then I can be successful,
then I can be happy.
My head spins,
my stomach hurts,
this belief of
Never good enough
always right there,
chasing me, haunting me.
And then I realize
I can stop, breathe,
feel space within me,
and tune into the truth.
No thing is chasing me,
no thing is haunting me.
Although in the past
I believed my erroneous
thoughts and stories were
THE truth—
today I stand in a different truth.
The truth is,
I am a human, being.
The truth is,
I am imperfect.
The truth is,
I don’t have to be good,
I don’t have to be special,
I don’t have to be right,
I don’t have to be safe,
I don’t have to be other than
who I am right now.
Do you know what this means?

As It Is Right Now


Reframing the story,
telling a new narrative.
It’s one where I can be grateful
for the big changes,
seeing them as openings
to new possibilities.
The only thing I have to lose
is my old stories,
and I have everything to gain–
this whole life in this one moment,
so delighted to pour blessings
into my body, heart and mind,
this wonderful blossoming
into new potentials,
the magic that hides,
waiting patiently
for me to let go of my judgment
of how things should be
so that  I can receive the majesty
of this moment as it is right now.

Uniquely You


Don’t let them tell you you can’t.
Show them you can.
But don’t do it for them,
do it for yourself.
There is a fire in your belly.
Breathe, stoke the fire!
Let it burn more brightly.
Let it incinerate the rotten stories
they force fed you,
clear them out, make space!
It is time to tell your own stories,
written by the Self that knows
the real you.
Tell us the stories of life,
of beauty, of sensuality,
of wild fertility, of dancing,
drumming, chanting,
vibrating, pulsating,
creatively, uniquely YOU!

Your Power


Ah this life,
this beautiful life,
where everything is new and fresh
in reality…
This life where,
if we can find one moment
of spaciousness in body
and clarity of mind,
we can experience heaven.
All we ever have is here and now;
everything else is just a story.
What happens when you believe
your stories?
If you notice that they frighten you,
bring stress to your body,
shut down your mind,
then investigate them.
A mind at peace with itself
has no choice but to project peace
upon the world.
Tell me,
are you ready to know your own power?

A Great Storyteller


Our mind is a great storyteller.
so convincing
that the stories appear real,
utterly believable,
totally indisputably real.
We wouldn’t accept such outlandish tales
from any other source
but because it is so close
we don’t question the crazy stories
the mind tells us.
Enter mindfulness practice.
Start to notice that you’re thinking.
Call the mind out on its bluffing.
Discover reality.
If you practice earnestly
and for a solid period of time,
you can let the mind entertain you,
but it can no longer enslave you.
What would life be like,
free from the neurotic tall tales
the mind invents?

If We Could Drop Our Stories


I listened to a student express frustration today.
He said he hadn’t improved in his yoga practice
as much as he should’ve since he began
two and a half years ago.

Who decides what adequate improvement is?
Who tells us whether or not we are good enough?

What are the stories we tell ourselves
to keep us from becoming lovers with this moment?

If we could drop our stories for just a second,
we might behold our own magnificence
and experience the ecstasy of being

Now imagine what would happen
if we could drop our stories for two seconds.

What Are You Waiting For?


One thing that I keep trying to impart to my yoga students is the fact that there is no past and there is no future, there is only this present moment of now.  I encourage students to not tell themselves the story that they will achieve happiness as soon as X, Y, and Z conditions are met; happiness happens now, because now is all that we ever have.  I also am acutely aware of the mind’s fundamental tendency to be dissatisfied, to want to seek ways of soothing hurt, anger, feelings of not measuring up, and how the mind can easily trick itself into believing that sense pleasures will bring happiness–and so I have a lot of compassion for those who are trying to be present, I have a lot of respect for their efforts, knowing how utterly difficult it can be to establish and maintain this kind of awareness.

It’s actually quite challenging, and at times discouraging, to note my own inability to remain present and attempt to uncover the happiness that is available in the here and now.  My intellect can easily grasp the idea of existing in the now, and it can completely comprehend that dwelling in the past or grasping for some imaginary thing in the future cannot give me a sense of lasting peace and happiness, because these temporal illusions distract me from just being present in this moment, which is the only place happiness can blossom.  But taking hold of a concept, mulling it over, and creating some kind of clarity around it is profoundly different from absorbing a truth and living it in every cell of one’s being.

As much as I have tried to be aware of the hopeless stories I tell myself, and as much as I have tried to not assign too much weight to them, I still have many ideas of what it would take to make me happy at some point in the future.  These ideas are so deeply embedded in my consciousness that they torment me when I’m attempting to meditate, they haunt me when I’m having a particularly hard moment, they infiltrate happy moments and turn them a little sour.  How to put a little more distance between myself and the stories, so that I can perhaps detach from them enough to discover my true identity?  I’m thinking that if I could write them all down and look at them fearlessly, I would discover that most of these stories are wrapped around the desire to manifest a specific sort of sensory experience.  Just becoming aware that I’m getting caught up in these stories is the first step in reclaiming my attention and making myself more available to the here and now.

I could tick off a list of of things that I think would contribute to my happiness,  and I’d see that the list is ever expanding, that there is no end to desire.  When I start looking at the conditions that I have placed on my happiness, I end up feeling sheepish, a bit embarrassed..how will I ever be free?  I’ve been trying so hard for so long. When will I be free?

One that note, I just wanted to know if anyone out there has been able to take a detached look at their desires, to really look them straight in the eye and honestly asses what feelings arise in response to them.  Do you tell yourself the same story that you will find happiness someday when ___________________________ happens?  The question is, what are you waiting for?  What experiences are you waiting to have, what sense objects are you waiting to acquire, before you can let yourself feel happy, contented, peaceful?

Courage!  When entering a dark room, bring a headlamp so that you can see.  In the light of awareness, all will be transformed.

there is no end to my desires
and so I won’t attempt to list them all.

my body is tired, and I need to sleep.
maybe when I awaken tomorrow
I will feel a renewed sense of courage
and I’ll greet the desires head on,
I won’t give in to their siren song.

For now, though, my desire is sleep,
and I need sleep to be healthy.

I’m going to give in to that desire.