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It’s Time To Grow


All signs point to this,
and all voices are saying this:
Lorien, GROW.
GROW, Lorien, GROW.
And I hear the voices
and I see the signs,
I get scared.
What if I fail?
What if I look stupid?
What if they don’t like me?
What if my life ends up worse
for having tried and failed?
But the old way of thinking
is no longer working.
If I keep
doing what I’ve always done
I’ll only end up
getting what I always got.
Looks like,
if I want life to be different
it’s time to for me to grow.

Within Reach


If you knew that what you wanted
was within reach
right outside your comfort zone
would you go for it?
If you knew it would take
some effort on your part
would you go ahead
and muster the strength?
If you knew you could do it
but you would need to choose it,
and choose it with every fiber
of your beautiful being,
would you make the choice?

–Says the Universe to us,
every single day, as it
puts what we want
within reach—
just outside our comfort zone.