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Auto Valentine


Dear Lorien,

I love you, forever and always.
I promise to take care of you
and never, ever leave you.
I promise to support you any way I can.
I promise to celebrate you and all your successes.
I am so proud of who you’ve become!
I love spending time with you!
You are such an amazing person;
I’m so inspired by you, your openness,
vulnerability, willingness to dig deep
and allow your authentic self to speak.
Let me know how I can love you better.
I am here totally and completely for you.



Gratitude: Day 2 of 48

Miracle House

This house. This magical house.
In January of this year
my house was sold at foreclosure auction;
my name wasn’t on the title or the deed,
and there was nothing I could do to stop the sale.
I was terrified.
Not long after the sale
I was told I had to move,
and I didn’t know where to go.
I just knew I wanted to keep my kids
in their school.
I tripled the number of yoga classes
I was teaching,
sent feelers out,
and prayed more than I ever have.
In July, a miracle.
Friends of friends had a rental home
in my kids’ school district
and their renters wanted to break the lease early!
We met, I brought my financial documents,
and proved I was able to pay rent.
And just like that,
my kids and I had a place to move into!
I left behind the betrayal and grief of my past
and turned toward new possibilities,
a new phase of my life.
I am grateful for the miracles
of community, strength and faith.
Every night when I tuck my kids into bed,
I thank God for this house.
This magical house.

Already There


A fellow meditator and blogger,
upon reading of my financial situation,
planted a seed of kindness
(right into my PayPal account)
and renewed my faith in humanity.
A recovery friend,
upon hearing that my AC had gone up,
called upon another friend
who planted a seed of kindness
(checking my breaker box,
checking my AC unit,
attempted to diagnose the issue)
and further renewed my faith in humanity.
A girlfriend,
upon hearing of the trauma
uncovered in therapy since the winter,
planted a seed of kindness,
(threw her arms around me,
held me for a moment)
and renewed my faith in humanity further still.
My aunt sent me a package in the mail—
a mother’s day card (with a little cash!)
a recipe, and a bible…
It seems she wants
to renew my faith
in humanity too.
Did I need to create this
terrifying experience
of losing my marriage
and now losing my home
because I had lost my faith?
Are all of these situations
simply a chance
to renew my faith in humanity?
All I know is
breathing and being is what I want.
With my faith renwed,
I see it’s possible to relax into this moment
and open to the love that’s already there.

Let Me Know


Stuck in darkness.
Moving slowly.
Swallowed in a feeling of futility,
waiting for it to end.
What is the solution?
I’ve tried everything I could
and now I’m told
medicine might help.
My feelings are valid.
My circumstances are challenging
and every time I reach out for support
my arms aren’t long enough
and my cries aren’t loud enough;
despite my best efforts to connect
I find myself engulfed
in utter loneliness.
If you’ve never been here before
you might find it hard
to relate to these words.
If you’ve been here before
tell me how you got out.
If you are here now with me,
let me know.
Let me know I’m not alone.

Because of You


I made it through the long dark night
because of you.
You who read my words
and answered my questions,
who tested my assertions
and suggested space
for different conclusions.
I’m still here
because of your presence,
a great gift of light
revealing the truth
that had been obscured
during the long dark night.
Never question your gifts;
never doubt your talents.
You rose to the occasion,
provided a pause of sanity
when my mind was clouded
with every possible lie,
you gave my light room
to breathe and expand,
and I could believe in myself again.
I made it through the long dark night
because of you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank You.

You Are Supported


You say you are not supported?
You are afraid the ground
will give way under your feet?
Just sit a moment.
You are supported.
The chair you are sitting
is holding you.
The building you are in
is holding the chair.
The earth rises up
to support the building,
and the planets and the sun
each have their own
gravitational pull
keeping the earth in its orbit,
maintaining its precious distance
from the sun,
a distance that makes life possible.
Take a deep breath.
All of these amazing processes
swirling within you
through no effort on your part
keeping you alive.
Dear one,
close your eyes and breathe.
Feel it.
You are supported…
and loved.


This was inspired by a passage from Byron Katie’s book I Need Your Love, Is That True? If you are going through any relationship challenges, I highly recommend it.  If your relationship is going great, I highly recommend it. 😀

Reach Out


If you’re feeling lost, alone,
sad, angry, hopeless,
depressed, at wit’s end
or otherwise fed up completely
with life,
do not,
I repeat DO NOT isolate yourself!
Reach out.
It might seem like the last thing
you want to do,
but please, friend,
I’m going through
some difficult stuff right now,
and I decided to do something different
from what I’ve done before.
In the past,
I have isolated myself
and spiraled into deep depression,
but not this time.
This time I have reached out
to friends, family, coworkers,
and people I don’t know well
but whom I admire
and guess what?
The outpouring of love,
compassion, humor,
support, insight
and positivity
has given me a new lease of life.
I thought my whole life would fall apart,
but I feel fine.
In fact, I feel more than fine,
because this time it’s different.
Instead of feeling worthless
like I did in the past,
I remember how much I matter.
And guess what?
You matter too!
if you’re down in the dumps,
You can do it!
((((BIG HUGS))))


PS You can reach out here too, you know, in the comments section. Just saying. ❤ 😀

Meditation Conflict…Conditioned Response…Disappointment


Last night my family and I watched the movie Frozen.  My two year old son was tired and so boisterous that we couldn’t hear the dialogue, so we put him to bed only a little way into the movie; then my husband, daughter, and I watched the rest of it together in peace.  We started it late, around  8pm, and factoring in pausing the movie to get my son to bed, and then stopping another time so that my daughter could run to the bathroom…it was nearly ten before it was over.

Once my daughter was in bed, I attended to my blog; I had already meditated that afternoon and was relieved that I wouldn’t have to fight fatigue for thirty minutes while I attempted to remember who I am beyond my body, mind, and the world around me.

My mind is slow by ten o’clock at night; it takes me longer to find the right words to express the thoughts in my head.  I managed to write a little, and revise a little, and it was nearly midnight before I lay my head on the pillow.

For the last few weeks I’ve been able to awaken early enough to complete my meditation before anyone else is stirring…but this morning I felt so tired I decided to sleep in ’til 7 or beyond if I could.  At precisely 7, my husband’s alarm went off, and despite my request to just reset his alarm for quarter of 8, he kept hitting the snooze.  So I got up.  I took a shower.  I put some laundry in the washer.  I was planning on meditating then, but I heard my son awaken, and my husband was just getting himself up.

I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking care of the morning routine with the kids while I meditated for thirty minutes.  I told him that if I went up to my meditation room right then, I’d be done by 8:15–thirty minutes before he would need to start getting ready for his day.  At first he said, “Ok.”  Then he started to say, “I would never do that to you.  I…”

I felt a flare of temper, and behind it, the disappointment, resentment, and the deep-seated fiery rage that can explode at any moment with only a little fuel.  The same rage that I’ve been trying to come to terms with for a while, the rage that I’m trying to manage with therapy and medicine.  I managed to swallow my disappointment and keep my anger at bay, and I said to him, “Ok. I won’t go then.”

He wanted to engage with me.  He wanted to tell me what he has told me before–that it isn’t right to go off by myself and leave him with the kids while I meditate, cloistering myself from everyone…

I told him that it was settled, and we won’t talk about it again. I wouldn’t go up, and that was that.  But he still wanted to engage with me, and this was all I needed to feel even angrier.

Needless to say, it didn’t end so well, although I suppose it went better than it could’ve gone.  Instead of making a complete scene, I reiterated how important my practice is to me, and how I can’t believe that after nearly three years he doesn’t get it.  I reminded him that I haven’t inconvenienced him with my meditation practice for at least three weeks, because I’ve been getting up way earlier than everyone else and fitting it in while they were sleeping–so he hasn’t had to take care of the children all by himself during my meditations in all that time. I told him I was dumb to think that he would support me willingly in this morning’s practice, and that I won’t be asking again.

Instead of responding with his own thoughts and feelings, he pointed out what in my behavior wasn’t appropriate to him, from the volume of my voice, to my facial expressions and hand gestures.  This only made me feel more defensive and annoyed. I wish that he would just tell me what was really on his mind, instead of fixating on how my delivery could’ve been better.

I ended up walking off the fetch my son, and he followed me up to his room. We greeted my son like nothing had happened.  Back downstairs I got my daughter up, changed her sheets, helped her to get dressed.  We sat around the breakfast table and ate scrambled eggs. I was seething inside.

My daughter asked to see Frozen again, so I turned the movie back on and sat there with my son and daughter while my husband showered and got ready for work, about 20 minutes earlier than he normally does.  He came out and sat with us watching the movie for a while.  When it was almost time for him to leave for work, I asked if he could put the boy up in his room with some toys as he was getting ready to walk out the door.  I told him that the girl would be fine watching the movie on her own.

He said yes, then looked at me and said, “Isn’t now a better time?”  He meant, wasn’t that moment a better moment for me to go meditate than the one I had originally chosen…I half shrugged and said, “Yes,” with plenty of bite in my tone and derision in my face.  Inside I wanted to say, “Screw you buddy, and your ideas of better time.”

I’ve been feeling the ricochets of our conversation throughout the day, and sitting with some really painful disappointment, feeling discouraged.

Marriage is so hard.  At some point we need to work this out.  I need to acknowledge that I was unskillful in my response and I need to be honest about how disappointed I feel, observing how he was unwilling to watch the kids for thirty minutes to help me out with something that is deeply important to me.

Turning this over…hopefully relinquishing control will help.