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Gratitude, Day 25 of 48: Trust


Trust…this ability to have no idea what’s happening next
but going ahead and trying anway.
Today I had a chance to practice trust as I created a painting.
Two years ago I had a chance to practice trust
as my marriage fell apart.
Every day I have the opportunity to trust the process of life.
I give thanks to the teachers, mentors and guides
who have shown me that it’s safe to let go and trust.
May you trust the inherent wholeness of your life!

Shift to Allowing


Slowly it dawns on me
how I’ve been complicit
with the old paradigm
all along,
how, out of loyalty to what I was taught,
I sabotaged my own hopes and dreams,
and pushed away opportunities
for healing and expansion,
to choose what was familiar–
and this was all largely
It also dawns on me
that the way I was back then
was the only way I could be,
and like every other human,
it was only when I was ready
that I could change.
Still working on changing…
could I shift to allowing?
From pushing to flowing,
from effort to ease,
from toiling to relaxing,
from fighting to surrendering?
I’d like to see myself
after forty days and forty nights
of relaxing into the flow of being.
So be it.

All We Ever Need


Little by little
loosening up,
letting the frozen expectations
melt into appreciation
of this moment as it is.

Observing the reactivity,
followed by the remorse,
then the frustration arising
from the thought
I should’ve learned how
to do better by now.

Practicing self-forgiveness.
Finding the chinks in the armor
to let the light in.

Welcoming the being,
the tenderness
that waits
behind the
rigid constructs
of habitual thought
and mistaken identity.

bit by tiny bit
to the beauty that is now,
the marvelous treasure
that is all we ever have
and all we ever need.