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Beloved Fragrance


I’ve been searching for something out there,
sometimes catching a whiff of its fragrance
in the wind.
It would render me melancholy
to sense it but experience it
so far away,
when my heart longed for this thing
I could not know.
Sometimes it was a rush of cold air
into my nostrils
as I stepped from my grandmother’s house
into the winter night
and I’d search for the star
in the dark blue sky
that told me the light
was returning soon.
For the longest time
I feared the magic and suppressed it
much to my heart’s dismay.
The whole world seemed cold and dark
and I was trapped in a prison
of my own making.
Spirit came to rattle me out of my cage
and throw me into the light of day.
Such a fool I was,
resisting a project of God’s hand.
How can I stop the ocean from surging?
How can I move the sun in the sky?
How can I make the moon glow brightly?
How can I give the gift of new life?
I only experience these things
because consciousness pours through me.
Who made this consciousness,
the perceiver and the perceived?
My body speaks clearly.
Its language is believed.
I trust the longing in me now.
The magic in me swells alive within.
I open the door to the cold and dark everywhere
and catch its beloved fragrance on the wind.

Love and Bruises


This tender heart
has been through enough
But Life says,
Nah. Get back in there.
You still have some time
left in the ring.
Since when did love become
a dance of two fighters
dodging one another’s blows,
finding a delicate balance,
waiting to see who will be knocked down
and who will be victorious–
both covered in bruises?

Your Precious Heart


Your sadness, heartache,
loneliness, and vulnerability
are not flaws,
they are doorways
to a more authentic way
of existing.
In the moment of pain,
could you let yourself feel it,
and realize that there are many
others who are experiencing pain
just like you?
Could this shared human experience
reveal to you
that the shadow feelings
are not signs of failure
but signs that you are alive?
My darling,
don’t reject your sweet sadness…
let it show you
the depth of your precious
tender heart.

A Tender, Open Heart


There is enough aggression
in this world, enough sadness,
enough inequality, poverty…
enough hopelessness.
Knowing this,
what can be done to promote
a healthy, happy atmosphere
for planet earth?

Lovingkindness meditation.
This is the antidote to aggression.

Start by summoning a feeling
of tenderness in your heart,
thinking of someone for whom
you feel a great deal of affection–
a child, a beloved pet, a dear friend…
sit with this feeling of tenderness,
of softness,
sit with this earnest desire
for the wellbeing of this beloved one,
and repeat
May you be happy,
May you be healthy,
May you be peaceful and at ease.

Stay with this feeling of sincerely wanting
happiness for this beloved one;
keep repeating the phrases of lovingkindness,
keep practicing.

One day, you might be able to repeat the phrases
with sincerity
for those with whom you experience challenge.
It is here, in this place of disagreeing with someone
yet nevertheless wishing true happiness
for them
that the aggression melts away,
and what is left behind is a tender, open heart,
raising the vibration of planet Earth
with lovingkindness.

Dear Child of Mine


You had no idea you were coming
and we certainly weren’t planning on it happening
But then there you were.
We met each other and suddenly I knew
everything I was waiting for had finally arrived.
You show me daily where I can grow,
how patience matters,
how a little love and encouragement
go a long way toward helping
the garden of your mind
grow beautiful blossoms,
open and pure and sweet.
Such tenderness I feel when I think of you
You remind me of all the things I forgot
in the frantic push to become an adult,
the responsible, professional, gainfully employed person
I thought I was supposed to be
(Why ever was I wanting that anyway?)
I had forgotten what it was like to just sit
and dig in the dirt with a little stick,
in a spot of lawn just by the sidewalk
curious about every little pebble
and bug and blade of grass.
I had forgotten–
but today you reminded me.
Dear child of mine, my heart overflows
when I witness the sweet innocence of your heart
And I laugh big belly laughs when you speak
and tell me in your four year old voice
“So, what is your plan?”
For once I don’t want to plan
I just want to sit and watch as you
grow into more of yourself,
as you discover the world through your own eyes
as you awaken to the stars shining
the moon glowing
the forests humming
the wind breezing
the ocean waving
and magic, everywhere magic
sweet baby of mine,
thank you.