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Softening into the Flow


Become aware of your surroundings.
Feel where your body touches the world.
Bring your awareness to the weight and warmth
where your body touches your own body.

As you breathe,
exhale long and slow,
softly sigh as though releasing a heavy load.
Let go into gravity.
Allow the inhalation to come naturally,
effortlessly receive the breath.

Scan your body for signs of tensions.
Breathe your awareness into those regions.
As you exhale, soften and open around the tension. Smile to yourself.
Gently remind yourself,
“I don’t need to hold this in my body.”

After scanning and releasing throughout your whole body,
allow all sensations to flow within the space of your
awareness; experience the symphony of life resonating within your body.
Remember–there is space for all sensations within your experience.

If tension or pain still remains, soften around it.
Allow the sensations to float freely and to change without resistance.
Gently bring your awareness to the flow of thoughts, feelings,
and images in your mind.
Simply notice (without commentary) how they change from
moment to moment.
Attend to the process of change without concern for the particular
content of the thoughts and images.

If you notice your attention tightening
around any thought, feeling, image, or sensation,
simply notice the gripping,
smile to yourself,
breath into it,
and let it flow.

–Joel & Michelle Levey,
                              The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation,   pp  29-30


Here you are friends, another easy relaxation exercise that doesn’t take too much time out of your busy day.  Carrying tension in your body is work; it requires physical energy to keep your muscles contracted.  When you consciously release tension from your body, you free up the energy that was devoted to keeping muscles in their contracted state to be used for other purposes, like healing, concentrating, moving efficiently, digesting your food properly, drawing on higher order thinking skills for problem solving, creativity, need I go on?

Take a moment for yourself to let go of tension and breathe.  And then encourage someone you love to do the same.  Bam! Two more people in the world ready to experience more joy in their lives!