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Taking time to slow down and rest,

to be quiet and still and listen,

to let my awareness settle,

and feel my whole body alive in this moment.

On retreat I deeply feel and know

how important it is to slow down and take time

to just be.

Day to day living is hectic, chaotic;

disengaging from this frenetic pace

I can see how I’ve been pushing, pushing,

trying to get things done,

but never taking time to just be.

I can feel my body is exhausted;

I’ve been asking so much of it.

This whole weekend has been

one long exhale, finding presence,

remembering that there is nowhere else

but this moment, and I’m home.

No Skipping


I believe everything is a test
and I think I should pass
every test with flying colors.
But how can I do well on the test
if I haven’t learned the material?
It’s important to admit
when I’m in over my head,
to see when I’m not prepared,
to ask for help when I need it.
There are no short cuts.
In the school of life
we can’t skip grades.

Find Out for Yourself


I can tell you a little about the path
but don’t take my word for it…
go out and see what is true for you.
Find out for yourself
what makes your heart vibrate,
what uplifts your mind,
what reminds you
of the interconnectedness
of all things.
Take a good look at all of it,
the dark as well as the light,
the pain as well as the pleasure,
the up and the down
the depressed and the joyful–
all of these experiences
can be used to put
what you’ve been taught to the test.
Hold it all up
to the light of inquiry.
Directly experience the wisdom
you’ve been handed.
Then you can make it your own.
Then you can share it with others.