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Good, True, & Sacred


I wake up and
What a gift this day is.
Birds are singing,
breeze is blowing
and I pray to God giving thanks
for this beautiful day.
I give thanks for Divine Guidance,
leading me to create
what I am asked to create,
steering me toward what is
good, and true and sacred.
And on a day like this,
what isn’t good, true and sacred?

Starting Tomorrow: 48 Days of Gratitude

Warning: May Cause Happiness

A girlfriend said,
Hey, if we start tomorrow
Day 48 will be the start of
the Chinese New Year.
How amazing is that?

I said
Let’s do it.
So starting tomorrow
We will be sharing what we’re grateful for.
If you want a boost in your health and happiness levels,
you can join us!
Practicing gratitude may lead to better relationships
Increased vitality and
Deeper Satisfaction with life.
You have been warned!

Follow @lorien and @shivati.soulspark on Instagram and tag us in your gratitude posts! We would love it if you would join us to share what you are grateful for. ❤️✨🙏🏻🌈

This Wonderful, Simple Day


The day started
caught in my head
as I drove my children
down to the city
where the man who was once my husband
lives with the woman he left me for
After droping my kids off
I screamed some things in my car
that I won’t repeat here
in polite company.
I taught two lovely groups of yoga students,
came home, felt
Then a girlfriend invited us out
to spend the afternoon at the pool
with her and her kids.
I really didn’t want to go,
but I forced myself to.
And then…
I spent time with my friend,
watched our children playing,
ate food that was offered to me,
enjoyed the sun,
the perfect day.
Now I’m so tired
but so calm and happy.
And grateful for this wonderful,
simple day.



I believe in the way of love.
I follow my inner guidance
in the direction of my most
authentic expression.
I believe in health and goodness and light.
I know forgiveness
and am liberated in this moment,
a spokesperson for possibility
in a mind at home with itself.
Thank you Life
for giving me this chance
at self-realization.
Thank you for guiding me
to reach my fullest potential
for the benefit of all beings,

Gratitude Meditation


Tonight, with my heart overflowing with gratitude,
I sat in meditation, smiling.
After my customary breath work practice
I took my mala*
and silently repeated Thank you for each bead,
all the way around the mala–108 times.
But why stop with my mother tongue?
I asked myself.
So I kept going, saying Merci 108 times
Danke 108 times
Grazie 108 times
Arigato 108 times
Xie xie 108 times
and finally,
Gracias 108 times.
If I knew more languages
I would’ve kept going.
It’s uplifting to say Thank You
in all the ways I know how,
to imagine people all around the world
expressing their thanks
for all of the good in this life.
And it’s amazing to recognize
how truly blessed I am–
like I’ve awakened from a dream
to see this beautiful reality
shining all around me.
It was always there,
but because I was sleeping
I never saw it.
But now,
with my eyes open
and my heart brimming,
I CAN see,
and I am so grateful.
Thank you life!

*prayer bead necklace

Your Shining, Precious Heart


When we do the work of awakening
let us not expect thanks…
that’s not why we do the work.
When we walk the path of self-realization,
let us not wait for thundering applause…
we’re not doing this for fame or recognition.
The work we do is its own reward.
Every moment passing,
a little more awake,
every mindful breath
the light of wisdom
shines a little more brightly
from the deepest self within.
Me you
he she
it them us
These fall away
in this expansive awareness.
Keep doing the work
and your being expands
to include all beings.
You are awakening your Self
on the most subtle levels,
realizing that this self
holds the entire universe
in the tiniest chamber
of your shining, precious heart.