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Time For Bed


Why am I so grumpy,
quick tempered?
Why do I keep snapping at my kids?
Why is my house such a mess?
Why do I feel angry at my husband again?
Why does my life feel so disorganized?
Why am I so disappointed in myself
and everything about my current situation?
Oh yeah…
it’s time for bed.

Retreat Day 4: Ceremony & Solo Circle


We are heading out
into the desert
after a day of journeying
and ceremony.
We are tired
and here we go again
into the desert
to create a solo circle
and sit alone in the dark.
Our guide told us
Watch how the ego
wants to deny you
a new experience.
Stay with what you’re feeling.
Just stay.
Wish us luck!

Better That Way


I wake up anxious
and it isn’t yet the middle of the night.
Ah, it’s going to be a long one.
Two hours later
and still sleep hasn’t come.
I close my eyes,
I hope and hope for respite.
I look at the time,
each hour crawling by
so slowly it’s painful.
The morning comes finally.
I take my seat,
dive into my practice,
find enough of my Self
to act like everything is okay
when he leaves the house early
without telling me why.
I ask no questions.
It’s better that way.

Nighttime Self-Pity


I’m feeling crazy and tired.
Kids are whimpering,
resisting going to bed.
There is a mountain of laundry
waiting on my bed,
beckoning me
in a way I don’t want to be beckoned.
And their dad
is at a yoga class.
I ask why
he didn’t want to go to yoga
until he wanted a divorce.
Maybe he’ll find
another yoga teacher
to marry.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 17: Nocturnesque


This is when it’s easiest to feel lonely:
when the twilight winds have swept through
and brought a chill to usher out the warmth of day,
when the fatigue has crept into every cell
and settled into my bones, my hands, my brain,
when the light dies before my eyes
and the hiding sun reminds me
that impermanence is the permanent rule,
when I have given all I could
and am asked to give still more,
when the pressure begins to build
and I wonder if I’ll blow it again,
lose my temper again,
feel guilty again,
when it’s easiest to think negative thoughts
and say negative things,
when I think I’m the only one
to feel this way…
this is when it’s clearly time
to go to bed.


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