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Season of Giving


The season of giving is upon us
And I think about forgiveness.
Is this the gift I’ve been seeking?
Forgiveness means freedom
to be who I am
to grant others the space
to experience their autonomy,
to move in this world naturally
without pretense or planning or airs.
I take a breath and for one moment
I cease running from my fears.
There’s a cold wind blowing
and the last leaves scatter
leaving the tree naked and bare.
Let the season of giving begin,
right there.

These Numbers


In less than an hour, the year will change from 2014 to 2015.  I find this amusing…
I mean, what do these numbers mean, really?

They mean nothing to an eagle,
unrelenting eyes piercing
through miles of airborne search
golden eyes searching for its prey

Nothing to the blue green algae
floating free on the waves
cradled in its immense ocean home

Nothing to the raccoon
as it scavenges for food
where the urban dwellings
sprawl an intrusion
upon their woodland sanctuary

Nothing to the poppy
as it faces the sun
orange blaze dancing in the wind
orange blaze contrasting
with the deep blue expanse
of cloudless sky

Nothing to the snowflake
hovering in the air
microscopic rainbows
reflected in the surfaces
etched by angel whispers

Nothing to the blue heron
standing motionless
in twilight waters
waiting as the evening star appears

Nothing to the maple leaf
as it surrenders to gravity
and joins its many fallen brothers
on the ground
blanketing their mother’s body
with red decay
with red nourishment

Nothing to the nameless mountain
who has stood
before our earliest memories
and laughed
at the stories we have told
about our greatest acts
of heroism
of innovation
of evolution,
that will be swept away
in the winds of time
while the mountain
looks on laughing

these numbers mean nothing
to everything
except us…

Let us take care
to not assign
too much importance to them.