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How to Meet an Obstacle


When you are met with an obstacle,
don’t turn and run in the other direction.
You could run faster than the wind
to the other side of the universe
and the obstacle would be there waiting for you,
waving, saying, “Remember me? I’m still here.”

When you are met with an obstacle,
take a deep breath,
look inwards.
See what is being activated in you,
what feels sticky, hot, dark, ┬áheavy…
what you are pushing against,
what you deny, hide, or repress
in your quest to control
the uncontrollable.

Breathe again,
let the thoughts and feelings
move the way they are meant to,
learn about yourself,
open your eyes,

Whatever you perceive as “trouble” out there
is a juicy opportunity for self-knowing
in here.

Don’t hate the mirror
for reflecting yourself back to you–
open heart, open hands, open mind.
See your reflection in all things,
learn from all things–
there is no separation.