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Here Is How We Move


Here is how we move
until we awaken to our true nature:
aimless, blind, lost
wondering in an infinitely vast desert,
no clue where home is.
Here is how we move
when we have awakened to our true nature:
light, spacious, connected
dancing in an infintely vast home,
contained and opened simultaneously
by the source of Love itself.

Ocean of Life


I search for meaning
because I want all of this
to mean something…
but what if this was all
What if I could step back,
take a deep breath, relax,
and not see any of this
as a threat?
Peace would come quickly then.
All of the stories of heartbreak,
loss, suffering, injustice
emerge from a sense of self
separate from the world around it.
If I could merge my consciousness
with that of the world’s,
wouldn’t I laugh
at the absurdity of it all?
I could cry all day and night
for twenty years,
and it wouldn’t change
the rhythm of the ocean.
Can I let these waves passing through me
be just another indication
that I am one with the ocean of life?

Embrace the Essence Self


100% honesty with ourselves
means that we open our eyes
to see where there is work to be done.
It’s okay to be petty, to be envious.
It’s okay to be impatient, angry, or frustrated.
It’s okay to be selfish, to be disgusted,
to be depressed…
but for God’s sake notice when it’s happening!
When you notice all of these kinds of behaviors
and the thoughts leading up to them
then you can choose–
do you want to strengthen these habits,
or can they be used as an opportunity
for awakening?
When you are clear about all of the layers
you have built up around yourself
then you can learn how to peel them away
one by one
revealing the core of your true nature
hidden deep within.
End the self-deception
and embrace the essence self.

Beyond the Illusion


Just as water
appears to change states–
here liquid, there solid,
sometimes vapor,
sometimes sublimated
into tiny particles of
ice suspended in the air–
yet its essential nature
remains the same,
so do we appear to change–
now joy, now depression,
sometimes stagnation,
at other times elation–
and yet our essential nature
always remains the same.
How can this be?
The awakened heart-mind,
the bodhichitta,
is never marred, never broken.
Even in the depths of our
greatest despair
when we are blind to all else
but our own pain–
still the jewel of
our awakened self
remains pure and shining.
Consider the clouds
obscuring the sun from our view.
Has the sun changed?
Of course not!
So it is when thought clouds
obscure the light of consciousness.
It remains there,
ever shining, ready to illuminate
the whole world
as we remember
what lies beyond the illusion.

Your Precious Self


Tell me who you really are,
beyond your name, your job, your possessions.

Tell me who you are beyond your family of origin,
your religion, your ethnicity, the color of your skin.

There is a self in you that stretches taller than the mountain peaks,
a self that dives deeper than the fathomless ocean depths.

This is the self I want to know.
Your precious self.
Your precious true, infinite self.
The one that I cannot see or hear or taste or smell.
The one that grieves not for the past and fears not for the future.
The self in you that is vast enough to hold the entire universe in its embrace–
This is the self I want to know.


As promised I am now posting my lengthier explorations and my poems separately. Tonight I wrote about making a practice of going inwards and getting to know the changeless self that exists beyond the world of change…do you have such a practice? ┬áDo you want such a practice?