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Just Get Quiet and Still


If I can just get quiet and still
and go within and listen
I can hear the heartbeat
of the Universe.
I can feel the deep peace
that is my true nature.
I can sense the oneness of being
that is the truth of existence.
Yeah, I should probably
just get quiet and still
and go within and listen
more often.

Peaceful, Whole and Complete


Ok, so, I’m moving…
And, well, I have a house full of stuff…
And, I’ve barely done any packing…
And…it’s all ok.
I woke up asking
What would Life feel like if I didn’t have to be in control?
I also asked
What would I feel like if I knew my own worth?
In the contemplative tradition,
these questions stayed deeply with me throughout the day.
While I was driving, or tidying, or teaching a yoga class,
or fixing dinner, or bringing another car load of stuff to my new home…
I kept asking these questions,
and as I asked, I simply felt peace.
It’s as if something has unlocked inside me,
and it’s something that has been waiting for a long time.
Could it be my true nature, yearning to express itself,
always being pushed into the shadows
by the illusions of control and inadequacy?
Now, as I contemplate the shadows,
it’s as if my eyes can see through the veil
to what has been waiting all along:
my Self, peaceful, whole and complete.

In the Midst of Chaos


Where is the balance point
between the effort and the ease?
Where is the grace
that allows forgiveness to find me?
Where is the sweet one
who will coax my heart out of hiding?
Where is the soul nourishment
that will sustain me?
I keep trying, trying, trying.
I’m exhausted from the effort
of teasing apart the jumbled mess
of other people’s perceptions
and finding my true self
concealed somewhere deep within.
Where am I,
who am I,
in the midst of all of this chaos?

Beyond Your Story


Forgiveness leads to peace.
You can give yourself the gift of peace.
Search in your mind
for those against whom
you hold grievances.
Ask yourself
Do I want to carry this burden any longer?
Really listen to the answers that emerge
from the depths of your truest self.
Your truest self is peace.
Grievances hide this self from you.
Forgive completely;
set this self free from the prison you made.
There is so much beauty in the world
beyond your story.

Your Truest Self


Just outside your comfort bubble
the Universe waits, longing
to reveal you to yourself.
Just beyond what you know
there is a great mystery
waiting to be understood.
Step out of your comfort bubble
and walk out beyond what you know.
Set sail from the harbor of familiarity
and stay the course as you
navigate toward authenticity.
Let your wandering heart guide you
back home to the awareness
of your truest, deepest self.

Irresistible Heart


The pressure is off.
You don’t need to be perfect.
Just work hard
to discover who you really are
then share that with the world.
Your voice is unique,
so is your mind
and your spirit…
there will never be another
exactly like you.
The world longs to know you,
the real you.
Would you deny us that?
Have mercy on us,
give yourself completely to us,
know who you are,
and shine that self
into the world,
illuminating us
with the radiant beauty
of your irresistible heart.

Happiness Comes From Within


At the root of any desire
is the belief
that if we get the thing we want
it will make us happy.

But we fool ourselves with this belief.
As soon as we get what we want,
another desire jumps in to take the place
of the desire fulfilled,
in a never-ending stream
of wanting, wanting, wanting.

And we live like this,
frantically jumping
from craving to craving,
trying desperately to find fulfillment.

This is the prison we are in,
Where we are the warden,
We are the prisoner.
And we are the key.

If we are ever to escape from our dark prison
into the fresh clear daylight of this beautiful world,
it is essential
that we identify our specific desires
and question them, each and every one.

Do they stem from the drive
to prove our self worth to ourselves or the world?
If so, time to calmly and firmly let those desires go.

But if we discover a desire
to express our truest self,
and in that expression
feel so ecstatically, blissfully happy
that we light the way for others to do the same,
by all means, do what needs to be done
to manifest this desire
with all your powers of creation!

We might eventually discover
that the experience of the specific joys
we’re dreaming about
is simply a reflection
of the universal, inexhaustible joy
that flows from our truest selves.

Happiness come from within.
Anyone telling you anything different
is trying to sell you something.