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All Ecstasy


It doesn’t take long
when you’re willing.
If you can just sit,
and feel, and breathe,
if you can just be present,
if you can listen,
and see,
if you can be open,
and allow…
The whole Universe
will offer itself completely to you
like the lover
who has been waiting
for you to wake up
out of a coma,
and who is just
so damn excited
to see you alive again…
it’s all ecstasy
from here on out.

True Union


Awake early after going to bed late
and I feel just fine.
My spirit calls me out of slumber
to commune in quiet
with the best part of my Self—
the precious treasure
at the center of my being.
This treasure is yours too,
the Universal Soul
that moves and expresses itself
through all of us.
Maybe one morning
you’ll rise too
and meet me
in the place
where past, present and future converge,
in the place
where true union is possible.

NaPoWriMo Day 28: A Skeltonic Poem About Freedom and Joy


I wish there were a way
to open my heart and sway
letting go of all dismay,
body breathing I pray,
arms reaching for the sun,
dancing until I’m done.
Is this dance just for one?
No, it has just begun.
There will be others:
fathers,  brothers,
sisters, mothers.
Everyone in this world
will follow where others have twirled
like trees with leaves unfurled,
experiencing the ecstasy
of breathing utterly free
blessing the union of you and me,
and everybody, everybody, everybody.

If you have been following my blog, you know that most of my poems have no rhyme schemes at all…they are mostly free verse poems following musing and rumination and in general wanting to experience freedom from any creative constraint. Today, however, the NaPoWriMo prompt invited us to try out Skeltonic verse, and I took up the challenge. It’s good to step out of one’s comfort bubble every once in a while. Just on the other side of the bubble is our fullest potential, just waiting for us to reach it.

A Union Such as This


If you want to help someone else
you must first face whatever it is in you
that you have been rejecting, repressing,
for how you can truly help another
if your shadows  have rendered you helpless?
How can you heal another
if your wounds are eating you from within?
Become friends with your inherent wholeness,
see the play of time and space,
the swirls of existence,
the inevitable cycles of pleasure and pain
gain and loss
sorrow and joy,
and remember who you are beneath
the surface of dualistic thinking.
The being in you wants your attention.
The being in you waits patiently.
Would you keep an old friend waiting forever?
Reconnect, reestablish this friendship,
deep, warm, ancient and sweet.
In a union such as this,
the whole world is sure to awaken.

True Union


When I can see myself in you
and when you can see yourself in me
it is in that space of togetherness
that the illusion of separation melts away

from this place of seeing and knowing
the disjointed stories of expectations
resentment, obligation
cease to exist.

in this place
there is true union.

Undifferentiated, Whole, and Perfect


Do you see me,
or do you see who you want me to be?

When I am that which you are wanting,
do you hold me responsible for your joy,
or can you question your joy
and find the roots of your joy
in your thinking?

And when I am not that
which you were wanting
do you hold me responsible for your disappointment,
or can you question your disappointment
and find the roots of your disappointment
in your thoughts?

Take one step away from me,
and another and another.
Turn and face the mirror.
See your own creation before you,
stand in your power.

Then turn and face me.
Let us share in the joy
and in the disappointments,
knowing that our particular creations
join together to birth the whole universe,
each one stemming from the individual
and merging with the all,
as a single drop of water joins the ocean,
undifferentiated, whole, and perfect.


Muses Come


Oh Muses come
it has been too long
and I was caught up
in the workaday world

It told me I couldn’t
I shouldn’t
I won’t
It told me it was impossible
and for a time I believed it

But a teacher showed me how to breathe
and I saw a flower bloom
and a sunrise flashed gold on the wall
and a beautiful dancer leapt
and a mountain climber was courageous…

I saw stars glistening at night
and I heard the crickets singing.
I felt the evening breeze float in my window
and my room was perfumed with the essence of juniper.

And I remembered…
beyond what my mind can comprehend,
everywhere there is energy
and I am never separate from it.

This energy that created me,
that sustains me,
that gives me eyes that can see–
this energy wants me to be happy.

So Muses come,
and pour your divine inspiration through me
that I may remember who I am
and allow my creative essence to flow
from my spirit heart,
from my body of light–
into this world of form.

Come that I may surrender
into my boundless true nature,
and merge with the one self that pervades
all that is,
floating in the infinite ocean of consciousness,
floating in bliss.