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Only This Moment


I have no idea
where I’ll be living
at this time next year.
But then again, really,
do any of us
have any idea?
We may think we know,
but that’s just a thought.
In the end,
we only have this moment.
Everything could change
in the blink of an eye.
So I’ll stop comparing myself
to those who you
who enjoy relative stability,
and remember
that all of us,
no matter how wealthy or how poor,
no matter how healthy or how sick,
no matter how young or how old,
all of us
only have this moment.

Your Faults Are Mine


Because everything I see
is a projection of my mind
I cannot separate my judgments of you
from my self.
What I see in you
must also be in me…
Otherwise, how could I know
what it is I’m seeing?
To see goodness in you
it must be alive in me,
to see a flaw in you,
that too must exist in me.
I want peace.
I want harmony.
I must begin my work
where these qualities exist–
inside of my own mind.
If I ever start criticizing you,
just hold a mirror up in front of my face.
Maybe I’ll remember
that it’s not you I’m criticizing
but myself.
As I love you with all my heart,
let me look into the mirror of your eyes.
Maybe I’ll remember
that it’s not you I’m loving,
but myself.
And as I deepen my understanding
I’ll remember that the labels
I and you
are convenient simplifications
of the reality we share.
I’ll remember that there are no distinct lines
between us and there aren’t
two separate selves.
There is one self,
expressing itself
through many beings all at once.

All at Once


It’s not male or female
not up or down
it cannot be claimed by night or by day
it is nowhere and everywhere.
It has no sound
but its song is deafening.
Has no age
but has existed since before time began.
It has no taste
but is the sweetest treasure of all–
this present moment,
where everything and nothing
happen all at once.

We Are We


Look into the mirror of existence,
keep your eyes open,
reject nothing that you see
or hear
or taste
or smell
or touch.
Embrace this moment.
Accord yourself the respect
that every being deserves–
a positive regard,
a trusting in the inmost goodness,
a belief that your process
is unfolding in perfect time.
Continue observing
with great gentleness and honesty.
You might discover that
there is no such thing as
“them” and “me.”
We are we.
The ones who hurt others
are hurting themselves,
and the ones who heal others
are the angels we look to
when we are shocked
by the reality of violence and aggression.
Don’t believe in the story
that the terrorists are so different
from you and me–
we are we.
The potential for harming
and the potential for healing
exist in all of us.
Reject nothing in your self
and show up for all of us,
eyes and heart wide open
ready for whatever arises.

The Eight Worldly Dharmas


Pleasure and pain
Gain and loss
Praise and blame
Fame and disgrace
These are the eight worldly dharmas
and becoming caught up in them
brings us suffering.
We are not told to stop experiencing them,
for how can we?
We live in this world,
and the more we try to escape them
the more closely the eight dharmas follow us.
So don’t reject them,
don’t ignore them.
Instead, know them, study them
and see who you are in their presence.
Get to know yourself
in times of pleasure and pain,
in times of gain and loss,
in times of praise and blame,
in times of fame and disgrace–
and see the unified self
that remains untarnished
as it walks along the messy path of duality.

Thank you Pema Chodron for your teachings.  The inspiration for this post came from the book Comfortable With Uncertainty.

Become Still and Awaken


Who would you be
if there was nothing wrong with you?
If there was nothing to change or fix?
Who would you be
if you didn’t have to be good,
or successful,
or praised?
Who would you be
if there was no need to cling
to certain objects, people, or ideas,
if you didn’t need reality to be a certain way
in order to be happy?
What if we could witness ourselves–
our thoughts, sensations, our lives–
with a tender, soft, open heart of compassion?
We don’t sit in order to be good.
We sit in order to awaken.
Take your seat now, friend.
Become still and awaken.

A Breathing Meditation


I breathe deeply.
The universe shares its soul with me,
pouring itself into me.
I exhale completely.
I share my soul with the universe,
pouring myself completely into it.

Breathing in,
I allow all of life to enter my being,
to meld with it.
Breathing out,
all of life allows me to enter it,
to meld with me.

This moment now,
I create what is needed.
This moment now,
What is needed creates me.

There is no separation,
only oneness,
and I am reminded
that it doesn’t matter where I sit,
as long as I sit.

The candle flame flickers cheerfully
and whispers, “Now.”

The Infinitely Creative Being


I set out on a journey of self discovery
wondering what makes me an individual,
and I end up
finding out who we all are,
how undeniably similar we are
at the core of being.

As I arrive closer to home
I see the idea of home stretching
far wider than this one little point in space
that my body occupies.

Who am I?
Not who I think I am,
because thought awareness is not being.
The being in me is far greater than thoughts
and seeks only to know itself
as formless, changeless, undifferentiated awareness
in the realm of differentiated, changing form.

I can let go
of the illusion of control
and the need to keep tabs
I don’t need to take every little thing personally

I dive into the infinite depths
of the ocean of being,
and suddenly…

No body, no personal stories, no name.

What my ego perceives as torture
followed by an agonizing death,
my true self sees as an opportunity to be free,
to know myself
as the infinitely creative being that I am.

The Delicate Balance


This little dance
forward and back
a few steps here
a few steps there
dancing on the precipice
of a new life
a new way of perceiving this self…

Then something calls me back–
Familiarity, or is it inertia, or both?
And suddenly progress doesn’t seem as important as comfort.

But the dance continues
and I start to feel constricted in my old shell,
wanting to break free,
breathe more deeply,
open to new potential,
discover who I am beyond the ingrained patterns.

This delicate dance
whose steps I do not know
caught up in the movement
beyond choice, beyond self-awareness
Beyond every intention to be someone

I dip my toe into the ocean of being
and find the water is inviting
I dive in
But something pulls me out

That dance again,
stepping between the worlds
back and forth
Searching for formless being
In this world of form,
Searching for the unchanging
in this world of change
Searching for unity
in this world of duality.

Who am I?
Who am I?

Finding the delicate balance
as I continuously navigate the vast expanse
between who I am
and who I am not.