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The Universe Within


When the tethers of the predefined
rendition of everyday, 3-D existence
are momentarily loosened and my
vision is freed,
I can see that
the ordinary everyday consciousness that we have
leaves out more than it takes in.*

And my prayer is:
Reveal to me the truth
that I may embody
for the highest good of all beings.

And I remember
breathing is enough.
So I breathe
and my consciousness returns
to the place I love to be,
the reason I practice…
the vast universe within.

*—Alan Watts

What Question


What question
is burning in your heart,
searing your mind,
waking you up at night?
Are you willing to feel the question
with every fiber of your being?
Are you willing to live with
your yearning for an answer?
Are you willing to sit with the uncertainty
for as long as it takes,
as many days, weeks, months, years
as it will take
to live your way into the answer?
This is the path of the heart-strong warrior.
Are you willing to walk this path?
I must warn you
it doesn’t get easier.
As your practice deepens
so do the questions.
At some point you’ll be holding the entire universe
inside your heart asking yourself,
What did I get myself into now?
You’ll see that you are alone in this question
with no safe place to run or hide
and no one to keep you company,
not even the wind.

By The Time You Read This


I’m writing this ahead of time.
By the time you read this,
I’ll be in the mountain forest
saying prayers for healing.
Please, take a deep breath and receive them.
I’m sending my prayers to you and all beings.
When you receive my prayers breathing,
when your pain dislodges, moves, and is set free,
we will evolve this planet, this universe, together.
Om. Amen. Shalom. Shanti shanti shanti…

Happiness Comes From Within


At the root of any desire
is the belief
that if we get the thing we want
it will make us happy.

But we fool ourselves with this belief.
As soon as we get what we want,
another desire jumps in to take the place
of the desire fulfilled,
in a never-ending stream
of wanting, wanting, wanting.

And we live like this,
frantically jumping
from craving to craving,
trying desperately to find fulfillment.

This is the prison we are in,
Where we are the warden,
We are the prisoner.
And we are the key.

If we are ever to escape from our dark prison
into the fresh clear daylight of this beautiful world,
it is essential
that we identify our specific desires
and question them, each and every one.

Do they stem from the drive
to prove our self worth to ourselves or the world?
If so, time to calmly and firmly let those desires go.

But if we discover a desire
to express our truest self,
and in that expression
feel so ecstatically, blissfully happy
that we light the way for others to do the same,
by all means, do what needs to be done
to manifest this desire
with all your powers of creation!

We might eventually discover
that the experience of the specific joys
we’re dreaming about
is simply a reflection
of the universal, inexhaustible joy
that flows from our truest selves.

Happiness come from within.
Anyone telling you anything different
is trying to sell you something.