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Time to Forgive


And then there comes a time
when the hurt and the pain
are too much to bear
and the burden is just so great
that something must change.
And that something is my perception.
When I change the way  I look out on the world,
my inner world changes.
I see how my thoughts give rise to reality
and how my anger isn’t helping me.
I see that attempting to shame him
for my discomfort
is only doing to him
what I thought he was doing to me—
using me to tell a victim story.
I am not a victim.
I am the fortunate recipient of the life spark,
and I will carry it for as long as I am meant to.
I think I’ve said this before
(and recently)
But it’s time to forgive.
It really is.

Into My Full Potential


When I shift my story
from victim to
empowered being
I step into my own potential.
And the story about being a victim
is mostly unconscious.
I want to be happy and at peace
like everyone else.
Knowing that my thoughts
create reality
of course I would always choose
positive thoughts
in alignment with what I want
to experience in this life–
I could be conscious all of the time.
But sometimes my thoughts think me…
and they keep thinking me
until they don’t,
and this is what
changing my narrative is all about.
It requires radical self-acceptance
and profound honesty,
therefore tremendous courage as well.
At first this seems daunting,
but that is only the scared one talking,
afraid to lose familiarity,
that same old story
that has become deeply ingrained.
I am grateful to all of the teachers
who have forged this clear path
that I might see it
and step into the realm of possibility,
into my full potential.