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What is This World We Will Leave Them?


I look into their little faces
bright, innocent, sweet
they know nothing of what has happened
and I wonder
What is this world we will leave them?
I think of the ones taken so suddenly
with no warning, no reason,
And I am afraid to see pictures of them,
a collage of the ones who are gone,
their faces so vibrant moments before
and then suddenly…terror
and after that…nothing.
But they live on in my heart
even if I cannot see pictures of their faces
and I look at my own precious ones
hoping and praying
as mothers do
that such a thing would never happen to them.
I wonder
What is this world we will leave them?
The sun will rise tomorrow.
I will hope and pray again.
And I will look on their faces
with love and gratitude,
relief that they are with me
and I can hold them close.
And I will keep wondering
about this world we will leave them.

Looking Forward


Look at the world with new eyes.
Give others a chance to surprise you.
Question what you think you see,
look deeper into the nature of things.
If you don’t like what you see
change the way you look
until you can be softened with compassion,
and from this place, act.
The world doesn’t need more violence.
Good people don’t need to be told how to live.
If everyone could look with new eyes
bullets would lose their appeal,
would cease to be made.
With my new eyes
I’m looking forward to that day.

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 28: Spinning Rainbow Bridges


In Baltimore things are pretty hot
even as winter holds on
driving fingers of cold
into the hearts of young flowers wanting to take root

When I think of the desperation
that drives the people in my city
to senseless violence
I wonder on the next breath
How can I help?

Today, like every other day,
I take a seat, close my eyes,
wait and listen.

Today, like every other day,
I acknowledge the basic goodness
of all beings,
and I silently repeat the phrases of metta:

May you be free from danger,
May you have mental happiness
May you have physical happiness,
May you have ease of well-being

As I repeat these phrases,
I spin a million zillion rainbow bridges from my heart
to the hearts of everyone,
sending waves of harmony, peace,
happiness to all beings.

If you aren’t already a spinner of
rainbow bridges,
it is simple to begin.
And please begin.
This world has need of your light.

Take a seat, close your eyes,
wait and listen.
You might feel the bridges that have been extended to you
since before the beginning of time.
You might start spinning your own
rainbow bridges now.


Over at NaPoWriMo.net today the prompt suggested we write about bridges.