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The Eyes of Your Soul


Keep the faith.
Don’t lose hope.
Your rational mind
cannot conceive of  the true
length, width, depth and breadth of you
so don’t go there
looking for answers
about who you really are.
Go deeper.
Look for the light
shining within you,
there, in the deepest,
most sacred chamber of your Self.
When you turn in
to look at your own light
the mirrors of your soul’s eyes
magnify the light within you,
until it overflows
and radiates out
to everyone around you.
Do you want to see the world
with clear, bright, shining eyes?
Then close the eyes of your body
and open the eyes of your soul.

PS: Take a deep breath.  All is well.

The Eyes of Innocence


Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.                               —Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Most of what enters our immediate experience
is there for our pure enjoyment–
the beautiful colors, the sounds,
the quality of the light, the air,
the water we drink, the food we eat,
the company we keep.
The deeper we look, the more we see
what we have to be grateful for.
When you look out at the world,
if it looks like everything is broken,
look again.
Perhaps it is your perception that needs fixing.
We all come around
in our own time, at our own pace,
in our own way.
You cannot plant a seed
and expect it to sprout one hour later,
and bear fruit the next day–
that is pure folly.
But you can plant the seed
and tend to it,
create the best possible conditions
for the seed to sprout, grow, bloom,
and give of itself completely.
So it is with each human being,
so it is with this world.
Just start today
choosing to see the perfection of life
for five whole minutes.
Prepared to be amazed
as you look out on the world
with the eyes of innocence once again.

Check Your Vision


Acknowledging what is working
instead of fixating on what is broken,
Seeing and appreciating what is there
instead of feeding the desire for more,
There is great magic in simplicity,
great power in clarity.
With eyes open and unclouded
the whole universe is a gift
to be seen and loved.
If your eyes are seeing what you don’t want,
it might be time to check your vision.

Do What Must Be Done


The point isn’t protecting ourselves
and all of our loved ones
from suffering–
that is completely hopeless,
just hopeless,
because suffering is a fact of life.
But what does give us hope
is this sweet acceptance
of this moment as it unfolds.
In the absence of resistance
we have so much clarity,
and we tap into the inner resources
necessary for awakening.
When we drop the thought
that this moment should
be other than what it is right now,
our crystal clear vision
gives us the power to
respond, rather than
react in the same old way.
Acceptance does not equal apathy.
I’m not encouraging you
to tolerate intolerable situations.
I’m not saying to accept social injustice,
to be mute, to go along with abuse–
on the contrary!
Your clear sight gives you the tools
to see, to speak up,
to know what must be done.
Your openness to this moment
gives you the strength and the courage
to go forth and do what must be done.
Drop the story,
embrace this moment.
Do what must be done
not from anger or self-righteousness
but from an open body-heart-mind
that honors the life in all of us.

When You Are Ready to See


This is how the mind works:
it creates a story,
then it believes it–
even if the story has nothing to do with reality.
One would think that we could just choose
to see reality…
but it isn’t so simple sometimes.
A fish takes the ocean for the entire universe;
so it is with the thoughts in our mind.
They swim around, here and there,
and we think,”This is it.”
But there might come a time when we realize
that there is more to life than these stories
in our heads–
as a fish might somehow realize
there is more to the universe than his ocean home.
What would happen with such expansive awareness?
Surely a miracle or two or three.
Notice the stories,
let reality open your eyes to them.
When you are ready to see,
you will.