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The Freshness Within


The rains come.
They wash away the dust,
dirt and heat of the day.
They leave a refreshing coolness,
a softness, a pause,
a freshness.
And when my head
feels hot and cluttered
with dusty thoughts
and the dirt of the world,
I sit and go inside myself
and allow the cooling waters
of self-reflection, of meditation,
of sanity
to give me the softness, the pause,
and the freshness within.
May all beings find their inner solace,
the source of their own healing waters,
and attain liberation
through self-realization.

The Last Hour


It’s the last hour of the day and I’m feeling positively exhausted.  At around 10 this morning, my body began to give signals that it was coming down with something.  In spite of the inner urgings to just go home and rest, I attempted to enjoy a restaurant meal with my husband and son while my daughter was at school–but I didn’t touch a bit of my food and just sipped at my tea.  I went home, got in bed, and tried to rest.  I sought coverage for my two evening yoga classes, no one came through, so I dragged myself in and taught.  I felt mostly better while I was teaching, but now I’m feeling like crap again.

It seems like day after day of not getting enough sleep is finally taking its toll on me.  Something is out of balance, and I’m wondering how to restore it.  Am I teaching too many classes during the week?  What can I eliminate from my schedule so that I’ll have more time to rest?

So that’s what’s going on with me.  Tired, and feeling crappy.  Therefore, I’m not searching for amazing insights tonight.  Working with the acknowledgement that sometimes throwing in the towel is just what needs to happen.


In this last hour of today,
before today becomes tomorrow,
I sit with my thoughts and wonder

My body is tired and ill
My mind is sluggish
and yet I’m still searching

I want to know who I am at the deep center of being
If I want the pure, fresh water of the well,
I must keep digging

This work is not mean to be a burden
but an undoing of the stories I have wrapped around the truth
At some point I’ll uncover it and remember who I really am

Body tired, mind sluggish
it’s the last hour
and there’s work to be done…

So let’s get to it.

100 Down

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Today I publish a post to Yoga Mom for the 100th consecutive day. One hundred posts down and only 265 left to go before I can cross “Published a blog post every day for a year” off my list of things I think I should accomplish at some point in my life.  After this year is done, I’m guessing that I’ll be so much in the habit of posting daily that it’ll feel strange to not continue, so who knows?  Maybe I’ll just have to publish a blog post every day for the rest of my life. Stranger things have happened.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt suggested that we take five songs from a playlist (iPod, Pandora, Spotify, etc.) and construct a poem from the titles. I’m too tired (lazy?) to fetch my iPod from downstairs, so I’ll take just one song title and construct a poem from there.  The song is “Tall Trees” by the artist Rashani on the album Songs of Interbeing.  Living in the city, I often find my heart is longing, wishing to be surrounded by nature. Rashani’s song resonates on a deep level, evoking images of nature at its most elemental.  It’s a simple song, short and sweet, with the lyrics sung twice.  There is some nice drum, guitar, and harmonization in a kind of canon with another singer.

Here are the lyrics:

Tall trees
Warm fire
Strong winds
Deep water
I feel you in my body
I feel you in my soul.

And now here I go:

An Ode to the Forest Sentinels

Tall trees, where are you?
I look up and see power lines
telephone poles
brick buildings
radio towers
I cannot see you when I look with my body’s eyes
so I close the doors to the outer world
and look within.

Ahh yes. There you are.
Tall trees, you are in my heart!
And growing beside you, ferns
and at your feet, moss
And flowing close by, a broad and swiftly moving stream
Making my most favorite music,
the sound of clear water tumbling over smooth stones.

The forest cathedral is a most sacred place
Nowhere else have I felt so connected to Source.
In the quiet, sweet and melodious cacophony of insects, birds, scampering squirrels–
In the wind that stirs the leaves–
In the bass vibration of darkest fertile earth,
mysterious, smelling of life and the potential for life
smelling of death and the inevitability of death–
I witness the absolute interconnectedness and perfection
of all things living on this our most precious treasure,
our most precious and irreplaceable treasure–
our earth mother.

I dream of living near you, ancient sentinels of the untouched forest expanses
That I may visit you daily and pay homage to the strength
that took you through many seasons,
standing tall in every kind of weather.
I dream of sitting beside you,
looking up at you in wordless awe.
I imagine bowing humbly at your feet like a graceful fern,
Abiding alongside you for millennia
that I may learn from your example,
root down
reach up
and G R O W into the light.

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