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All Ecstasy


It doesn’t take long
when you’re willing.
If you can just sit,
and feel, and breathe,
if you can just be present,
if you can listen,
and see,
if you can be open,
and allow…
The whole Universe
will offer itself completely to you
like the lover
who has been waiting
for you to wake up
out of a coma,
and who is just
so damn excited
to see you alive again…
it’s all ecstasy
from here on out.

Let it Begin


It begins with a willingness
to sit, to settle
and to look inwards.
Here all parts of the self are welcome.
Here all feelings, all thoughts,
all perceptions, all sensations
are allowed to be
so that we can see
and know who and where we are
right now.
It is not an uphill battle.
It is not a trial by fire.
What feels like battle
is the unwinding of years
of conditioned existence.
What feels like fire
is the intensity of the mind
that wants to resist
the waves of space
arriving on the breath.
When we sit and settle
and notice without judgment
the magic can begin–
the magic of appreciating
who and what are where we are
right now,
the only place, the only moment
we ever have.
Don’t wait.
Summon your courage
and your willingness to sit, to settle
and to look inwards.
Let it begin.
Let it begin now.