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I Still Have It


And just like that,
Life surprised me.
Just like that,
I was walking in the woods,
finding a spot on a hill
hidden from sight.
Just like that,
I was dancing on a log
in the sunshine,
mala beads glowing pink
swinging in the breeze
dangling from a twig.
Just like that
I felt free and steady
as I hiked back
to the well-beaten path.
I sat on a large rock,
took care of some business.
It became a meditation…
Just like that
a man was smiling at me.
He said hi
told me I was gorgeous
and somewhat bashfully
asked to see me again.
Just like that I realized
I still have it.

Nature Smiles


We went to the woods today
it was cold and gray
and my hands stayed in my pockets
for a while at least
until I went to pick up my niece
and place her on my shoulders.
She was lagging, dragging behind
quite resigned to her tortoise pace
until I swooped in and lifted her
higher than the others–
Son, daughter,
mother and father in law
my other little niece
still a baby, worn on the back
of her granddad in a carrier
you couldn’t have asked for a merrier crew.
I grow so tired of the winter
heart splintered into many pieces
that can only be brought
together in the light and warmth of spring
weather; being outside is really the only thing
I could ever call my religion.
It was cold today, cold and gray,
and while not my ideal way to pray
in my favorite worship place,
still, hearts together in any weather
will always bring a smile to my face.