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Back Home: What Lies Ahead


I’m back in MD
after a long day of travel.
I’ll be honest…
It’s a let down
coming back to the cold
and the chaos of home
after the warmth
and the simplicity
of the desert.
I thought I did so much
work on my retreat,
the work of awakening,
of becoming more aware.
It turns out
the the greatest work
lies ahead.

Awake, With Gratitude


It feels so good to be all used up by this day,
falling into bed with a tired body,
settling toward my rest
with a mind ready to loosen its hold and
dive into the ocean of my dreams.
Without a drop of energy left,
I look back, satisfied at what I was able to do,
moving from task to task
and  moment to moment
without a story.
When it was time to cook, I cooked.
When it was time to sweep, I swept.
When it was time to mother, I mothered…
and countless other moments
of keeping my being in the doing,
the lightness, the ease,
and the freedom of this,
living my simple life
awake, with gratitude.

Just Sit Down


These hands have done a lot of work today.
Carrying children,
assisting students in yoga postures,

The skin of these hands is irritated
from too much hand washing.
I want to help it somehow.
But it won’t be through lotions or potions
for tired, working hands
that I’ll remember my true self.

The greatest help I can offer is
the stillness and silence I find
When I just sit down.